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Organizing Your Kids First Birthday Party  0


Your kids first birthday is no doubt an exciting time for you. Although your child might be unaware of the reason for the happiness, excitement and celebrations, for you this day marks one year of having your baby in your life, one year of immense joy and a thousand memories. As such, it would be a great idea to organize a birthday party for your little one and also in part for yourself to celebrate this day. However, it is important for you to keep in mind that your baby is unlikely to understand much of what is happening and therefore it would not make a lot of sense for you to spend a lot of money on the birthday party.

Many parents end up spending thousands on their child’s birthday party and throw parties that are akin to weddings with hundreds of guests but the truth is, there really is no point in doing this and most of these parents do it in a way of showing off to their friends and to the other parents they know instead of for their child.

An inexpensive but fun party

The most fun part about a birthday party is the planning and the excitement of getting things together for the big day. In the past, parties were small homely affairs with lots of homemade treats and handmade games but today kids first birthdays have become big elegant affairs that are planning by professional event planners which takes most of the fun away from the party. Instead opt to have an old fashioned kid’s birthday party. You can use digital printing to print your own backdrop behind the cake that should not cost you too much. Instead of buying an elegant expensive birthday cake baked by a professional baker, opt to make the birthday cake for the party yourself with the help of your kids.

Photo booth

To add to the fun, you can use digital printing to have a small photo booth where all your little guests can come by and take fun pictures of themselves at the birthday party. You can even opt to have small props that they can pose with to make the party even more fun. Get to know the most in demand printed products right here

Birthday party treats

Of course, no party would be complete without treats. This said however, it is important for you to remember that most little kids do not eat much and therefore you should make small finger food type treats that will suffice perfectly. Choose to make all the birthday party treats yourself to add to the fun.

The Smart Way Of Marketing: Hosting An Event  0

Marketing methods come and go and every one of them is not that long lasting. Also they are sometimes too common that your targeted group might even ignore it. What the point in spending thousands of dollars in commercials and advertisements when people don’t look at all? This is why many have already turned in tuning up to entertainment and parties for their brands and new launches. Want to know how it can be outstanding? Keep reading on!

A quality attention for you
True that a TV commercial or advertisement can reach many people. But do you think that they all try to contact you and try to promote you? Not really. According to reports people are now much attracted to things that can entertain them and liven up them. When it comes to hosting events people naturally get involved and entertained. This is the reason behind why it is the best option for you in your marketing method. Even though it can be for a certain group of audience still you can ensure that everyone pays attention and that the whole sessions is not boring and dull. In the long run your event memories will not be that easily dismissed and forgotten because the more people get involved with you the more you can create imprints in their hearts.

A smart investment for you
TV commercials can be really expensive and depending on the company, technology, people and the TV channel it can increase the amounts consequently. When it comes to “smart investment” the term does not only refers to a cost effective way but also a quality way that you can reach the public. True, that newspaper articles and columns will not cost you that much but do you think everyone goes on reading them and checking your columns? You can’t be really serious that they would. This is why we recommend you as a smart investment and event would suit you. Not only you but for anyone. It can be a launch party for your new product, the opening of your new shop, entertainment performances and expos; they all can be brought into light with a well-planned event. Don’t handle and take it alone to your shoulders when you can get help from an events agency Sydney. They would help you from day one in all your creative panning and organizing.

Establish and build your brand
People will recognize you from others through your brand. If your brand can give a good message to everyone and make that clear cut difference no matter how many competitors are there, you can surely make an imprint in their minds. Hosting an event can even increase it more unlike a commercial. When you entertain them you can increase your sales, maintain your brand and protect the standards of your company.

Different Job Roles In Media Houses  0

Today the line of media opened up different kinds of job roles and activities. The firms themselves are diverse in the scope of work and specializations they offer. For instance, an advertising agency might be focused towards a certain segment of companies. Again, some media houses focus on doing audio visual ad campaigns for different clients. They are usually approached by advertising firms. Again, consultancies of different kinds might offer micro specialization in different spheres like web promotions or customized promotional goods production.
Choosing a roleGone are the days when everything about promotions and ads came under marketing. Indeed, these were the broad categorizations made before. Today one needs to understand the different niches that exist in a creative agency, especially with respect to finding the right role for oneself. When one is interested in media jobs, they need to specialize in a specific job or function. There are two broad categories in these firms, that of account management and that of creative job roles.
Identifying your strengthsWhen you have graduated in marketing and media studies in general, you might be more suited for account management roles. These roles are done by people who can understand what clients require and be able to sell different promotional strategies and campaigns to the clients. For these jobs one requires understanding of the different promotional activities and strategies, what would be suitable for a client firm in a certain industry segment and to pitch promotional mix of campaigns to them accordingly, on behalf of a creative agency.
Creative rolesWhen you have specialized in production techniques akin to creating films or website design and content development techniques, your skills would be more suited towards creative work. There can be diverse work opportunities in different media houses and agencies in these fields. Depending on the nature of clients and work handled, firms might need design capabilities for print ads as well as producing audio visual films. These are often coupled with online website design and content development techniques. Hence, working in a creative role in ad agencies would involve specialized training and experience.
Evolving rolesAs media is dependent on technology, many media houses and firms find their roles and structure of work changing as technology brings about new changes. For instance, small firms might have the same people doing account management and creative. Again, many website design firms offer print and audio visual filming capabilities. With different platforms converging in different ways, roles change and challenges take new forms. Those who look at careers in the media need to keep updating their skills and expertise and try new assignments to stay ahead of the game in this marketplace.